Frequently asked questions & answers

My child is over 18 months old but still not walking on his/her own yet. Can we still participate?
The child will fully benefit from the Dance class if he/she is walking however we would be very encouraging if they’re not and maybe help them find their feet if there is a little music for inspiration.
Do the parents join in?
Yes! This is a parent and toddler class that is taught as a joint interactive experience. Parents help and guide the toddler giving moral support and encouragement at all times.
My child is over 18 months but they are quite shy and I’m worried that they won’t be confident enough to join in?
 The class age range is a guide for the parents as the classes are designed with the different developmental stages of a toddler in mind. There are no requirements for admission only that your child is enjoying the class where he/she feels most comfortable. Having a mix of ages encourages the younger ones to push themselves and the older toddlers feel very proud of their achievements.
Can you park at the Esher Play Cafe?
Yes! There is plenty of parking in the designated car park for the Golf centre that is next door to the Play Cafe. Free of charge!
Can we join a class at any time?
Yes. Payment must be paid for the rest of the half term in advanced.